Casual wear to fight casual misogyny

Fck The Cupcakes is a place for all of us to unite, discuss and highlight the endemic misogyny in Australian culture. It’s an always-on platform created by Innocean Australia, founded by CEO Jasmin Bedir, that is active 365 days of the year.

It’s also a place where we champion, celebrate and surface those women and men who drive progress, and shine the spotlight on the amazing talents we have in our creative fields.

FTC started small by creating “Casual wear to fight casual Misogyny” to ignite the conversation. Building on the casual wear initiative, we are aiming to keep the conversation going in a constructive way. One that gives justice to our anger but also recognises that we require smart stakeholder management.

We aim to empower the women around us to find their voice and give them the licence to speak up. To create practical and tactical campaigns to encourage cultural change in our industry. To develop tactical comms campaigns that make misogyny visible through smart ideas. To look at creative narrative and storylines. To redefine what strength looks like in popular culture. And lastly, to develop actions for women and men in leadership positions to extend the ladder down to women.

Find out how to you can get involved at fckthecupcakes.com