Australia's biggest and boldest online health and wellbeing initiative for same sex attracted men.

Gay men only seek out health information when there's a problem.
AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) came to Innocean with the vision to create an entirely new online media brand that empowers gay men to live healthier lives - a website combining sexual health and HIV prevention facts, with fun lifestyle content that reflects the lives of gay men. The goal, to increase HIV sexual health literacy and drive behavior change.
Good news emanates.
In a world weighed down by sex negativity - sex don'ts, watch outs, restraints and HIV stigma, we created a brand that is a force of sex positivity. Introducing Emen8 - a brand that finds and emanates the good news in everything. We created the ripple design and logo to represent the positivity emanating from our brand and content. The shift to sex positive has opened up a more liberating communications platform that is less preachy, and more empowering and enlightening.
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